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Smart Cookie Jars – Innovative parenting tool that is everyone is buying

Take back control of your habits

Welcome to the future of behaviour nudging.

Power of Commitment Devices

Holding yourself back from something addictive is more effective when the device is controllable, durable, unbreakable and only accessible through parameters that you set.

Limits of Willpower

Creating or changing a habit requires significant willpower. Every decision from choosing what to eat, consumes our willpower. These smart cookies jars take control. And they instill discipline.

Virture of Precommitment

Research has shown that precommitment is the ultimate way to beat temptation. Precommitment means committing to a smart choice early, when you know you will be tempted by bad choices later.

Limiting access is limitless fun

The answer is to restrict access, self-control

We want to change the world.


The Science Behind Self Control

Childhood Wonder

Children need to learn how to distract themselves and practice self-control.


The user experience of this Smart Cookie Jar is tremendous. Easy to use, refrigerator friendly. 

Math Skills

Reward your kids for good work and restrict access until they complete those tasks you’ve set out. 


Teach your kids to hold off from binge eating. 

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